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Several families of German Lutheran origin settled in the southern suburb of Geelong, Australia in 1849. That’s why the place was initially called Germantown. Later, it was recognized as Grovedale — the Gateway City. It is a significant location for surrounding Victorian regional centres.

In the suburb, you’ll find numerous modern brick homes. Buying a house and land packages around Grovedale or other nearby areas is ideal because aside from being near to Geelong Airport, it has lots of schools, shopping centres and other community facilities to satisfy your needs.

Consider this guide when finding the best property in Grovedale based on your family’s needs.

Properties in Grovedale

There are lots of vacant lands to own in the region of Victoria. The price ranges from $381,000 to $500,000. When talking about the high-demand market, Grovedale is next to Victoria’s visits per property when it comes to the interest of people in properties in the suburb.

Grovedale Demographics

The majority of the population is composed of older couples and families. Based on the 2016 Census Quickstats, the number of people staying in the suburb is 14,308, dominated by females (52.3%) versus male, which is 47.7%. The median age is 40. Most of the inhabitants are married individuals.

The majority of the population is of English descent (29.9% of all the people). The rest are:

Australian: 28.7%

Irish: 9%

Scottish: 8.8%

German: 3.9%

the other percentage is composed of other descents

Community Profile in Grovedale

Typically, families earn $1,222 and above and the monthly mortgage repayments are at $1,477. If you plan to rent in Grovedale, the average weekly rental is at $300. The average motor vehicles per household are said to be at 1.8.

To have an idea about the available employment in Grovedale, hospitals are on top of the list; next are supermarkets and grocery shops. Take away food services are also in demand in the suburb. The area can render some aged care residential services as well. You will have convenience in Grovedale. Numerous cafes and restaurants are available around the suburb to satisfy your family members’ needs.

Houses in Grovedale

The typical structures that you’ll see in Grovedale are separate houses. Next, are terrace houses and townhouses. Most households have three bedrooms. The average of occupants is at 2.4. Since older couples dominate the suburb, anticipate that broad family members occupy most houses.

Why Grovedale is the Best Place to Stay

Custom built luxury house with nicely trimmed front yard

Grovedale is the prime residential location in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. There’s a ton of dream houses for sale for your family. In Grovedale, you can qualify for a home loan with a deposit of 5 percent. The mortgage adviser can help you with a guideline to check that your monthly mortgage costs and service fees will be well managed. With a professional agent by your side, you can choose the best home in a priority listed area conveniently.

One of the critical requirements for homeownership is to have a permanent position in your job to be able to deal with the mortgage expenses. Find a reliable local property agent to assist you.

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