Grand View-on-Hudson, New York 10960
Official Village Government Site
Village Office Hours & Officials

Welcome to Grand View-on-Hudson!

Grand View-on-Hudson is a village that truly lives up to its name.

Located north of Piermont, east of Orangeburg, south of South Nyack, and west of the famed Hudson River, Grand View-on-Hudson is a lovely mix of warm affluent communities. We are a self-governing village of roughly 300 residents.

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Our village takes pride the lush beauty of the countryside with a good dose of warm hospitality. We are also a popular run-through destination for bicyclists. With the picturesque landscapes, it is a truly wonderful experience to enjoy the breathtaking scenery. Even in recent popular culture, our humble village has even made an imprint courtesy of the popular TV show The Ghost Whisperer.

We have a very tight-knit community that is both warm and welcoming to visitors and passersby alike. Along with a very capable roster of village officials, we are quick to resolve issues within the community. At Grand View-on-Hudson, you are sure to find a warm place to call home.

Please see us during office hours for any concerns you may have. Our village officials would be more than willing to lend you a helping hand in any way they can.

Enjoy your stay and bring a piece of the Grand View with you when you leave.